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Golden in appearance with a frothy head, bubbles rising to the top of the glass – who doesn’t love a nice cold pint of beer? It’s estimated that 8.5 billion pints are drunk in the UK every year. Whether you drink yours down the pub or in your living room after work, it’s clear us Brits can’t get enough of this tipple.

One such style of beer you may be familiar with is an IPA. It stands for Indian pale ale and is a beverage that has seen somewhat of a re-surgence in recent years.

Want to learn more about IPA? Here is our guide on what is IPA beer to tell you more.

History of IPA

Back in the late 1700s, England held a large colonial presence in India. Those who travelled between the two countries had a huge appetite for beer. The trouble was, the voyage from England to India was fraught with difficulty when it came to maintaining the quality of the beer. Especially given it was long before the days of refrigeration!

At first, the beer would remain chilled as the ships sailed through the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean. But as they got towards Africa, the temperature of the sea rose considerably essentially cooking the beer to a frothy mess. Once it eventually reached India, the beer tasted terrible because it had spoiled.

IPA was developed as a solution to the problem. It involved brewing a pale ale with higher levels of hops and alcohol to help preserve the flavour of the beer. More sugar was also added to achieve a higher alcohol content, which meant the beer wouldn’t spoil.

Ready to try some IPA for yourself? Here at Bring Me Drink, we sell a wide range of beers including IPA. You can either try IPA on its own or pair with foods that are rich or spicy such as burgers or tacos. Alternatively, IPA can be used as a palate cleanser too.

However you enjoy your IPA, we want to know about it! Be sure to let us know your favourite IPA varieties. You can leave us a comment below, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

November 20, 2020
By Rachael O'Flaherty
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